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Barkley doesn't just sell games, he buys them, too. If you have things you'd like to trade for store credit, send an email. It also helps if give me a general idea of what you're looking to get and if you're spending any cash. If you're looking for an Here's what I'm currently looking for:

Almost all TSR or Judges Guild books or modules from the original "brown box" books through 4th Edition are worth something in trade to me, depending on what it is, condition and whatnot. Send me a list, with pictures if you can.

Don't ask why, but some of my favorite modules were those from Judges Guild. Anyway, I'd be happy to take almost any older JG stuff in trade, but I'm not interested in the newer, slick reprints, just the stuff from the 70s and 80s.

Item Type Description Author(s)

3 D Booklet I (first book of 3 to the original City State)
16 J J Booklet and Ready Ref Chart
15 J J Maps (Thunderhold/Sunstone Cavern)
20 J Booklet K and Ready Ref Sheets
25 X Booklet L (Tegel Manor) and Character Sheets
32 J Booklet M
43 J Barbarian Altanis/Glow Worm Steppes Issue N
49 Valon/Tarantis Issue O
54 J Thieves of Badabaskor and Journal P
57 J GenCon IX Dungeons and Journal Q Bob Blake
65 J Citadel of Fire and Journal S
72 J Frontier Forts and Journal T

81 M Dungeoneer 9
470 M Dungeoneers Journal 25

122 J Guildmember Installment 18: Tower of Ullision & Journal 18
205 J Guildmember Installment 20: City
285 J Guildmember Installment 21: Shops
375 J Guildmember Installment 22: Fantastic Reaches Part I
395 J Guildmember Installment 23: Fantastic Reaches Part II
455 J Guildmember Installment 24: Temple Book I
475 J Guildmember Installment 25: Temple Book II

21 X I;J;K Journals (1;2)
22 M Judges Guild Journal L (3)
33 M Judges Guild Journal M (4)
45 M Judges Guild Journal 5/N
51 M Judges Guild Journal 6/O
53 M Judges Guild Journal 7/P
56 M Judges Guild Journal 8/Q
58 M Judges Guild Journal 9/R
64 M Judges Guild Journal 10/S
83 J Journal 13 and Part I of Wilderlands of the Magic Realm
91 J Journal 14 and Part II of Wilderlands of the Magic Realm
98 J Judges Guild Journal 15 & Survival of the Fittest
112 J Judges Guild Journal 17 & Mines of Custalcon

610 M Pegasus 2
620 M Pegasus 3
M Pegasus 9
M Pegasus 11
M Pegasus 13
Pegasus 14
M Pegasus 15

?? D 11"x17" Players Modron Map
24 D 11"x17" Tegel Manor and Area Players Map
44 D 17"x22" Barbarian Altanis/Glow Worm Steppes Campaign Players Map (2&3)
?? D 17"x22" Tarantis/Valon Campaign Judges Map (4&5)
?? D 17"x22" Campaign Players Map (7&8)
?? D 17"x22" Campaign Players Map (9&10)
?? D 17"x22" Campaign Judges Map (7&8)
?? D 17"x22" Campaign Judges Map (9&10)
18 D 17"x22" Judges City State Campaign Map
19 D 17"x22" Players City State Campaign Map
39 F 17"x22" Players First Fantasy Campaign Map
50 D 17"x22" Wilderlands Campaign Map from Issue O
8 D Dungeon Level Maps I 1-5
17 D Dungeon Levels Maps J 1-4

Dungeons and Dragons
60 D Castle Book I Bob Bledsaw, Bill Davis, Mark Holmer
102 D Caverns of Thracia Paul Jaquays
36 D Character Chronicle Cards
87 D Character Codex art: Paul Jaquays
2 D Dungeon Tac Cards
124 D Escape from Astigar's Lair Ree & Allen Pruehs
67 D Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde Mark Holmer, Bob Bledsaw
670 D House on Hangman's Hill
28 D Judges Shield
114 D Maltese Clue
111 D Mines of Custalcon (Wilderness Book 1 of 5) Bryan Hinnen
80 D Of Skulls & Scrapfaggot Green Bob Blake
770 AD Portals of Twilight Rudy Kraft
570 Quest for Lara's Tower Kevin Nunn
29 Six Character Checklists
6 D Six Charts - 5 Chainmail; 1 Monster Attack TSR
5 D Six Charts - 5 Men Attack; 1 Monster Attack TSR
7 D Six Monster Attack Charts TSR
1200 D Tarantis
93 D Under the Storm Giants Castle Thomas McCloud
48 D Wilderlands of High Fantasy Bob Bledsaw, Bill Owen
92 D Wilderlands of the Magic Realm Mark Holmer, Bob Bledsaw

Universal Fantasy System
990 UF Book of Treasure Maps III Rudy Kraft, Edward Mortimer
140 UF Castle Book II
550 Field Guide to Encounters Dragon's Byte
37 F First Fantasy Campaign Dave Arneson
1070 Inns and Taverns
61 F Island Book I Bill Davis, Bob Bledsaw
690 U Masters of Mind Charles M. Wilson
540 F Nightmare Maze of Jigresh (EPT) Michael Mayeau
1030 UF Pirates of Hagrost (Wilderness Book 4 of 5)
530 UF Ravenscrag Scott Fulton
440 F Temple Book I
1090 UF Witches Court Marshes (Wilderness Book 5 of 5) Bryan Hinnen
1040 F Wondrous Weapons Joseph Weingand et. al.
860 UF Wraith Overlord: Terror Beneath the City State Scott Fulton

310 R City of Lei Tabor
1120 W City State Warfare (boxed) Marc Summerlott
69 W Flotilla One Dave Sering
1110 W Imperial Infantry Squad (boxed) Marc Summerlott
220 R Legendary Duck Tower and Other Tales Paul Jaquays, Rudy Kraft
170 R Runequest Judge's Shield Geoffry Dale
35 Three Monstrous Statistics Compendium Sheets
400 N Toughest Dungeon In the World Ken St. Andre
46 G Wilderlands Hex Sheets

Value Packs
1022 X Fantasy Adventure Pack
1023 X Fantasy Campaign Booster Pack
1024 X Fantasy Campaign Pack
1021 X Fantasy Game Aid Pack
1025 X Treasure Pack
21 X I;J;K Journals (1;2)

It's hard to give a list. I'm a Baby Boomer who wouldn't mind seeing again some of the old toys and games I used to play with. Remember Green Ghost, the glow-in-the-dark game? Or the Movie Monster dark room kit? The Man from U.N.C.L.E? Anyway, if you have something you think I might find interesting based on that sketchy explanation then you're welcome to drop me a line. The worst I can say is "no thanks." ("I told them we already GOT one...")

Mostly ultra-rares and older completion/combo/special tokens.
The top ones are Ring of Riches, Might items, Charms of Heroism and Charms of Good Fortune, but it never hurts to ask.

I am also looking to complete sets of all "chippies" and there are some holes in my collection. Note that some tokens have been reprinted, and I'm very particular about the year. If you're unsure how to tell the year a token was printed, you can find information in the token year book found HERE.

2012 TC TrueCraft quest tokens (any except earcuffs) You know, Dubious Slime, Powdered Unicorn Horn, etc.

If you have mugs, buttons, and other non-token items (any year) I might be interested. Drop me a line.

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